The Basics:

Logging In:

No registration is required.

Choose a 6 letter username and a password, and that username will belong to you until your player dies!

If the username is already taken, you must know the original password to log in.


Arrow keys/WASD: Player velocity

Enter key: Start/Send message

Mouse coordinates: Player direction

Left-Click Right-Click
Player/Animal: Attack -
Resource Object: Gather resource (may require tool) -
Construction Object: Open interface or Damage Delete (Zone King)
Ground Item: Pick up -
Inventory Item: Equip Drop
Equipment Item: Bag: Open Inventory De-quip

Player Levels:

Health: If your health reaches 0, you die.

Hunger: If you're starving, you lose health.

Thirst: If you're dehydrated, you lose health.

Fatigue: If you lack sleep, you lose health.

Weight: The more you carry, the slower you are.

Karma: If you do bad things, bad things can be done to you without consequence.